Spelling, Grammar and Syntax
Many web content editors limit themselves to correcting spelling, grammar and syntax, but this is only an initial first step for AsiaEditing before other equally if not more important tasks are undertaken.

Finding an Authentic Voice
It is essential that your website stand out in the marketplace. AsiaEditing will work with you to identify the ways your product or service is distinct from that of your competitors. Visitors to your website must immediately sense the uniqueness of your message. 

Vocabulary and Idiomatic English
Language on the Internet should be relaxed and informal, while still conveying information in an intelligent and sophisticated fashion. The boundaries between informality and overfamiliarity must be observed, while hyperbole and pretentiousness must be avoided. Only native English speakers have the ability to carefully adjust the tone of your texts to the overall theme of your website.

Many idioms and figures of speech of American or British English are not understood by the average Asian web visitor. Consequently, while AsiaEditing makes sure that the text on your website sounds natural to native English speakers, our professionals also take care to ensure that your message will be readily understood by an Asian audience.

Summary Paragraph Leads
The first sentence in your paragraphs will decide whether or not your visitors will continue reading. You can assume that unless you communicate your key points in the first sentence, readers will ignore the rest. AsiaEditing will ensure that after reading the initial sentence, your website visitors will feel compelled to read the rest.

Reduction of Word Count and Search Engine Optimization
Most websites can be improved by reducing the overall word count. AsiaEditing will not only do this effectively, but will also take care to maintain or even improve the key phrases that you want search engines to index.

In case you have not optimized your content for search engines, AsiaEditing will provide you with the key words and phrases that need to be inserted in the meta tags of your web pages, so that search engines will index your website appropriately, thus assuring that potential customers and clients will easily find you.

Content, Design and Functionality
It is crucial to pursue an integrated approach to content, visual design, and the functionality of your website. Good information design enables users to quickly locate crucial information. Succinct text together with tables, lists and boxes makes it easy for visitors to scan information for relevancy. Content and design need to seamlessly support each other, while optimum functionality enables visitors to interact with your website’s back end.
Deconstruction and Rewriting
If necessary, AsiaEditing deconstructs its clients´ websites, analysing each web page and its explicit and implicit message and modifying it as required. Text will be rewritten, rearranged and linked in a more logical and coherent fashion.

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