Web content editing is significantly different from traditional
copyediting, because the unique aspects of the Internet have
to be considered.

Get to the point
In first place, the attention span of visitors is extremely
short-lived, since they are intent on grasping the essence

of your message in the first few sentences, thus making
concise writing a necessity.

The tone matters 
In addition, the language of the Internet is informal and
colloquial, and must be arranged in an easy-to-read layout,
patterned after newspapers rather than books or technical work.

Rewriting and Search Engines
More so than traditional copyediting, web editing often requires
rewriting and should include a thorough knowledge of Search
Engines. Even texts that are excellently written are of limited
value when only a handful of visitors reach your website.

English vs. Asian languages
The English language and Asian languages are markedly
different in syntax and grammar, so much so that even the
most accomplished Asian writers rarely achieve native level
proficiency in English. Despite the best efforts of their
creators, the majority of Asian websites contain numerous
grammatical errors and clumsy constructions.

Content, Design, and Functionality
While professional design and functionality is considered a
necessity for websites, the need for professional editing is
often neglected, even though the cost involved may be only
a fraction of the overall expense of creating and maintaining
the website.

Custom-made solutions
There is a solution to this dilemma: Contact Asia Editing.
Our editors and writers specialize in editing web content at
an affordable price.


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